About us

Hello.........and welcome to Blinking Thinking.

We are three really good friends, Nick, Sindy and Erica who have each had our own personal experiences of how hard it is when things don't quite go according to plan.

I'm Erica and I was diagnosed with breast cancer when my youngest was six months old. Nick and Sindy helped support me through this time.  As friends they wanted to do as much as they could and tried to find helpful information about what I would need but just kept finding nothing of real value. 

Alongside this it would frustrate me beyond belief when I would try and find products I had been told would be best for my treatment and they weren't readily available. Invariably I had to go to four or five places to find what I needed and couldn't understand why everything wasn't in one place.  Well now many of the things I needed along with helpful information that my friends wanted is here for you.

A couple of my personal experiences..........
The advice given to anyone who tries the cold cap is to buy a pH neutral shampoo.  I remember standing in the chemist an hour after my first chemotherapy session had finished looking at a bank of shampoo’s wondering which one was pH neutral. As I picked up a few bottles that didn’t tell me what I needed to know I found myself wondering why I was even stood there. I went home empty handed.
I never found one.
So Blinking Thinking has sourced a pH neutral shampoo made from 100% natural ingredients for use both with the cold cap or after chemotherapy treatment has finished. In fact it is so gentle it can be used all the time. It smells great too enriched with lavender oil (amongst others). Not only that it is SLS, SLES and Paraben free.
Having had more than my fair share of operations I know that if you are going into hospital for any kind of surgery, there is always a risk of infection. Blinking Thinking has therefore sourced an anti-microbial body wash that should be used 5 days prior to an operation to reduce the risk of infection.
We also have a fragrance free body wash from the same manufacturer for use when undergoing radiotherapy.
So, take a look at what we can offer and remember that we’ve done the research and field-testing so you don’t need to. We have quite literally done the Blinking Thinking for you.