Supporting a Friend Through Radiotherapy

What is Radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy is a localised treatment to kill cancer cells usually via X-rays but sometimes by other methods such as electrons. Both normal and cancer cells can be destroyed during radiotherapy but the normal cells can usually repair themselves. The cancer cells are destroyed and cannot repair themselves.

Because of this potential damage to non-cancerous cells it is key to prepare the skin prior to any treatment by making sure that the area is well moisturised.

Prior to radiotherapy treatment.

Any moisturiser will do as long as it does the job

Once treatment has started

Once treatment begins only fragrance free products should be used on the affected area. This includes body washes, moisturisers, deodorants and anything else you put on or near the area to be treated. This should continue for the duration of the treatment.

The perfect package

Prior to radiotherapy starting


Once radiotherapy has started

Fragrance free moisturiser, fragrance free body wash.

Once radiotherapy has ended 

Moisturiser, aloe vera treatment gel