Total Sweet

Total Sweet

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Natures alternative to sugar - Total Sweet is a sugar substitute made with Xylitol A natural sugar alternative produced from birch and beech wood, this an excellent healthier choice of sugar. It contains fewer calories than regular sugar yet shares the same taste. The sugar can be used wherever you would normally use sugar, for example, in cooking, added to cereals and in hot drinks. It’s also good for your teeth helping fight plaque and cavities. 

Lots of research has been carried out in the area of xylitol and oral hygiene, and two main benefits have emerged.

Fights Plaque and Cavities
Xylitol has been shown to create an alkaline environment in the mouth, which helps counter the damaging effects of acid from other foods. Research has shown that this results in a reduction of up to 60% of cavities and can help prevent plaque build up.

Remineralises Tooth Enamel
Studies show that the environment created by xylitol appears to be favorable for the absorption of calcium and some other minerals in the mouth. This means that your teeth can take up more of the building blocks that they need to stay strong and healthy

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